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Chessboard Kingdoms | Pc Game


09 Nov,2019



Chessboard kingdom is a strategy pc game in which you will get an impression and kingdom view like a chessboard and have to train soldiers and join epic battles.

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Chessboard Kingdoms game overview and details

Mainly you know about playing chess but this is not a chess game it is totally different but there is a unique way to explore a kingdom that is placed and build over a chessboard. Capture the essence of strategy and turn-based combat in checkerboard Kingdoms. Let your imagination run wild as you fortify your cities and send off your troops to square against invaders. Invent ways and hone your resolve whereas acceptive the challenges of management and leadership because of the sovereign of the lands.
Chessboard Kingdoms may be a new reasonably turn-based strategy. concepts each new and previous area unit amalgamated along to make a game wherever principles of chess area unit expanded and developed to make novel, fun, and competitive multiplayer vice activities. Devise and apply clever ways, build and beleaguering fortresses, encounter genius, and travel the lands of checkerboard Kingdoms. Iron-clad West or Mysterious East? ascertain UN agency can carry on on the battleground once 2 totally different factions fight for the grand triumph. can you be the wise ruler proving your birthright to the dominion kingdoms, or the crafty King looking to expand his estate for the sake of his people? Iconic “Capture the Flag” game mode mixed with turn-based combat will for sure surprise you. Settle a bet between rulers by capturing and holding the flag rather than waging war. dead turn-based gathering, spiced up by acquainted, yet new, chess mechanics.

● Sharpen your mind with chess methods and ways. place your skills to take a look at on completely different|completely different} board sizes and with different combos of troops. like better to use the acquainted chess-like items, or explore the distinctive additions.

● Stationary ‘chess’ pieces? additional like Barracks, Wizard Towers, Workshops, Walls and lots of additional. Build and shield your city, and don’t underestimate the security your walls bring.

● The enemy is sitting behind those tall Walls and Gates? Launch a catapult or arbalest assault and produce down the defensive structure. Not solely effective, however, it’s fun to look at those nettlesome walls crumble.

● Enchant enemies or blast them with spells. Our Wizard unit works around the acquainted rules. once associate degree enemy piece is standing in his space of result, its movement and attack ways amendment. You’ll adapt your strategy consequently.

● Play with up to four different players on a spread of maps. attempt to grasp the conclusion and accomplish a high score. Gameplay takes on a fully new perspective once there are over 2 players concerned.

● ‘Capture the Flag’ in multiplayer. be part of your friends during this fashionable game mode. Utilize chess ways and show you downside resolution skills once attempting to induce hold of that flag.


System Requirements of Inside PC Game 2016

Processor 2.2 GHz or higher
Ram 2GB or higher
Window Windows 7 or higher
Memory Space 2 GB
Game Setup Size 1.3 GB
Graphics 1Gb or higher

Screen Shots

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858chessboard.JPG screen shot 2

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